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The Habitat Inverted Umbrella

RM 60.00
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What’s an Inverted Umbrella, you ask?

Think of it as an umbrella, but designed smarter for you.

An alternative to your standard umbrella, the Habitat Inverted Umbrella folds closes outwards to minimize the chance of you getting wet after keeping you safe from rain.

Featuring a high quality double-stitch build, you’ll be safe from light drizzles to heavy showers.

Plus, an easy-open button along with an ergonomic C-shaped handle means that you’ll have it working as soon as you need it to and not worry about any discomfort on your wrists.

Easy to use and as effective as your typical umbrella - but better. You’ll want (need, even) this umbrella for when the rainy days come calling.


Variations (Colours): Pink, Turquoise, Red

Dimensions: Length: 79cm, Diameter: 99cm

Materials: Polyester, steel, plastic

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