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The Habitat Foldable Umbrella

RM 29.00
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Being outdoors requires one to get used to unexpected things happening. Things like rain. 

Like life itself, you'll never know when rainy days are coming, and sometimes, they sneak up on you just when you least expect it.

Keep yourself dry and safe with your own foldable compact umbrella. It’s got everything your standard umbrella has, but fits in your bag and allows for easy carry!
The best part about a foldable compact umbrella? It’s compact. And foldable. And yes. These two things go well together!
When not in use, keep your umbrella in its easy-carry safe pouch to save space in your bag and take it everywhere you go. There’s also a hook attached to the handle so that if you’re not a ‘bag’ person, you can hook it on your finger and carry it along. #problemsolver

(If only solving the other problems in life were as easy this...)


Variations (Colours): Neon Orange, Neon Yellow
Dimensions: Min Length (Compact): 23.5cm, Max Length (Extended, Open): 54cm, Diameter: 93cm
Materials: Polyester, steel, plastic

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