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The Habitat Signature Batik: Tissue Pouch

RM 36.00
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Here's something to make sure that even the small things are covered.
Firstly, who doesn't use tissues? They're an essential carry that we should always have when going out. They're handy, helpful and can be a life-saver in a many situations (especially when we're out eating...).

That's why we're encouraging you to bring your own tissues every where you go and we wanted you to have a nice pouch to carry them in.
Because if they're going to be essential, why make it convenient and stylish? Place your tissues in these 100% handmade batik printed canvas pouches to keep them safe from being crumpled and always be ready for when life spill


Variations (Colours): Red, Blue, Green, Orange
Dimensions: Length: 11cm, Width: 9cm
Materials: Canvas

More information on this product:
These pouches were made in collaboration with KitaKita, a Malaysian fine crafts store specializing creating diverse, handmade craftsmanship. Find out more about KitaKita at https://www.kitakita.my/ 

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