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Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Organic Potting Mix

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100% plant-based and natural, Shamrock Botanics Potting Mix is a combination of high quality Coconut Coir, Perlite, Shamrock Organic Fertilizer and Shamrock Organic Bio-Char in tried and tested ratio. 

Ready-To-use for all container system plants, our Organic Potting Mix is a nutrient-balanced, bacteria resilient medium, formulated to ensure proper drainage, adequate moisture retention and air-space to promote healthy plant and root growth.

Each pack contains 1kg of potting mix. 


- Odorless and Non-Hazardous.

- 100% Natural Plant-Based and Organic.

- Kids Safe, Pets Safe and Eco Safe.

- Nutrient-Balanced and Rich in Trace Elements Nutrients.

- Allows adequate porosity and aeration for healthy roots growth.

Good For:

- Any container system Indoor and Outdoor Plants, Greens, Herbs & Vege, Fruits, Flowers.

- For succulents and cactus, you may add pebbles, volcano rocks etc, to enhance porosity.

General guidance as follows:

- Fill up pot to 1/3 or as much as required. 

- Loosen mix and place plant or seeds within pot.

- Add more mix up and until there is about 1 inch left from the rim of the pot. Press lightly. 

- Water thoroughly and repeatedly thereafter for best results. 

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