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Papago Zero Waste | Papago Beeswax Wrap - Moo

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Papago Zero Waste || Papago Beeswax Wrap - Moo

Natural Beeswax Wrap comes with a unique scent. It is used to replace commercial plastic cling wrap. Suitable for wrapping food such as fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches. You can also use them to cover cups and bowls for food storage purposes. 

Food safe | Reusable | Washable | Compostable 

Papago Beeswax Wrap will last for a year under proper care. Purely hand cut, actual product might be slightly varying from mentioned sizes. 


- Natural Beeswax 

- Pine Rosin 

- Jojoba Oil 

Materials: - Cotton 

To use: 

Crumple up or squeeze the beeswax wrap and open it up. Mould the beeswax wrap into your desire shape with the warmth of your hand . You may find that it crumples but it is still reusable. 

To wash: Rinse with tap water, wash with loofah and mild dish soap or household soap when needed. Shake to remove excess water and hang dry. Avoid using hot water. 

To store: Roll up and keep in cool dry place. 

Not recommended for hot food, beeswax will melt with heat. 

Not recommended for raw meat to prevent bacterial contamination. You may put raw meat in a bowl and cover with beeswax wrap.

About Papago Zero Waste:

Papago Zero Waste is a Malaysian brand founded in June 2020 and Papago (趴趴走) stands for traveling around, exploring and sharing about Zero Waste living with others. We wish to support like-minded people who do great things and raise awareness about environmental changes.

Papago embraces simple living, reduce waste to save the environment, explore the beauty and culture of Malaysia and support local businesses. 

Our first beeswax wrap was made from preloved clothing to replace single-use plastic cling film in the kitchen as they are not reusable and recyclable. Now Papago Beeswax Wrap is made from all natural ingredients and 100% cotton with different selection of colours and designs. 

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