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LOVEUU Farm Tea - Nutmeg

RM 18.00
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Start your day with a freshly brewed cup of homegrown 100% organic nutmeg tea and without any sugar, preservative/additive. 

Nutmeg is rich in anti-oxidants to ease bloating, it's also rich in nutrients

Instructions: Add boiling water into cup or tea pot and let the teabag infuse for 2 minutes before consuming. Add sweeteners/milk to taste.

Taste notes: Aromatic, warm, nutty flavour

Each pack contains 10 sachets.

About LOVEUU Farm:

The first organic flowers and herbs tea farm in Penang, LOVEUU farm looks to reintroduce the bold and complex flavours of plants in their tea that Malaysians are familiar with. Each cup of tea is steeped with goodness from organic agricultural farming that pays respect to Mother nature. 

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