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Lady of Leisure Maxine 2L High Pressure Spray

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The Maxine 2L High Pressure Spray is one spray for all your loving plants. 

Great for creating a rain shower effect for edibles and even a super fine mist for foliage humidity, plus a strong spray to blast off those pesky mealybugs. Why carry so many sprays when all you need is one?

Products are delivered in environmentally-conscious packaging. All plastic packaging used to deliver are recycled materials sourced from the neighborhoods (i.e. used boxes, bubble wraps, containers, and pieces of plastics repurposed using a heat sealant).


Please be informed that products may contain substances that may cause irritation to the skin and/or eyes, and/or respiratory system; and therefore customers should handle products with care. All pictures and images of the product displayed are for illustration purposes only. 

About Lady of Leisure

The Lady of Leisure is a zero waste & sustainable advocate, gardener and harvest Chef for private events with over 8 years of gardening experience; specializing in growing edibles in a condominium. In her collections, you'll find that every item is very carefully thought-about, for your home & our Earth.

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